Internet Marketing Tips

If you are running a home business you are surely aware of how important it is to have a good marketing strategy in effect. If you want to make a lot of money using the internet, you will have to know how to market your company effectively. There are a couple of tips that you can follow when you are trying to figure out how to make internet marketing work for you. 1. When you are looking into internet marketing ideas you will want to make sure that you leave no stone unturned.

There are hundreds of internet marketing strategies that you can use; it is just a matter of finding out which one best works for you, and how to go about implementing it.

Internet Marketing Tips

If internet marketing is an area that you do not excel at, there is no reason to get worried. One of the best ways to find out which internet marketing strategies work best is to ask around. In other words, find a couple of companies that are similar to yours and get in touch with them. Ask them what they do as far as internet marketing is concerned. Most people would be glad to help you out if you explain your situation to them. By getting information from people who have been successful, you up your chances of putting a solid internet marketing strategy into place. On a similar note, you can also join a couple of message boards or online communities for help. By belonging to an online community that concentrates on home business internet marketing, you will be able to network with other people that are in the same situation as you. Again, you can pick their brains for information, while also sharing your tips and successes with them. 3. Don’t get stuck with only one internet marketing strategy in place. Many people put all of their eggs in one basket, and end up getting themselves in trouble when their internet marketing strategy does not work. For example, instead of simply using affiliate marketing, make sure that you combine it with other strategies such as ezine advertising. This will ensure that even if one method is not working that you can still draw in some customers from your other avenues.

Having a diverse internet marketing strategy will go a long way in ensuring that you never have to deal with slow times. Overall, if you own a home business you will need to have an internet marketing strategy to succeed. Without an internet marketing strategy you will only be tapping into a small fraction of your potential customers. Implement an internet marketing strategy today, and see results by tomorrow. You will be amazed at how easy it can be!

Why Can’t We Ever Get Bonus Time??

When that subject was introduced, the entire auditorium started yelling, «Yeah, why can’t we ever get bonus time?» At that point one gentleman stood up and said, «I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been there on bonus time fourteen times in the last six months.

» I became concerned that we might have a riot and all the other unhappy Owners would injure him. Now, how come the experiences were so different? First, you must remember what Bonus Time really is (that is besides a sales feature). Originally, not all the time was sold in specific resorts. Anywhere from 48 weeks to 51 weeks of the 52 available were sold. The rest were designated «Maintenance Weeks». They were the time when the resort would be refurbished. It was later found that most of this kind of maintenance could be accomplished «on the fly» and 52 weeks were actually sold. Theoretically, if everyone showed up for their reservations and the maintenance weeks were actually fully used, there would be no bonus time…none! Unfortunately, some original salespeople said, «You can have bonus time whenever you want in addition to your reserved week.» Again, theoretically possible, but not really practical. So Bonus Time is actually the unused maintenance time plus the time that certain Owners either don’t make a reservation, don’t show up at all, are unable to use their time because of failure to pay their maintenance dues or leave early.

That’s it and it is spotty. It does, however exist. Most resorts will end up with a vacancy factor of between 5% and 15% of their usable time. So where does it go? Those who know how to use it do. Here’s how you go about it. When are people most likely to not show up? In the off season and even more so midweek in the off season. Thus the most likely time you will be able to get Bonus Time in Southern California will be November through February at the beach and July through September in Palm Springs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are not good times. Some November days at the beach are among the best you will find, warm days and beautiful sunsets. Early mornings and late evenings in Palm Springs are uncrowded and delightful. If you aim for midweek off-season you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how many times you actually get Bonus Time. Next is when should you ask for Bonus Time? About 3:00 PM on the check in day is when the husband will turn around, look in the back seat of the car and ask, «What are those funny looking spots on the kid’s faces?» The call canceling the reservation will be made by about 4:00 PM.

If your call comes in at 4:15 PM, you have a good chance at snaring that spot which was suddenly left vacant. And that is the secret that the gentleman used at the beginning of this article. He would simply call at the last minute and if there were space he would come. If not, he wouldn’t. Another good time is after noon of the day after check in day. That is when the front desk will tally up the no-shows, call them and verify that they in fact are not coming. Suddenly, their reservation becomes a bonus time potential. Every resort will have it’s own idiosyncrasies. To be successful with Bonus Time, it is up to you to figure them out. Another tip is that it always is a good idea to be on good terms with the front desk personnel.

If they like you they may sometimes be able to help you. You will most certainly get the nod over the grouch who is always demeaning and criticizing them. So the tricks to achieve Bonus Time are: 1) Use your head to figure out when your odds are best; 2) Be on good terms with the people who can help you; and 3) Call at the right time. I tell people that it is hardly worth the price of the phone call to try to get Bonus Time at the height of the high season on a weekend but those who exhibit flexibility and will roll with the system end up with more than their share. Every project is different but you can figure them out. With this knowledge you should have good luck with your Bonus Time. But, as I have always said, «I would rather be lucky than smart.»

Make Money From Home And Live The Good Life!

There are many options to make money from home.

You can put your talents to good use and turn this into a money spinning business. Clients who get to hear of your wares and have either sampled them or heard of them by word of mouth will become regular customers soon. Use your talents and hobbies commercially Most people have hobbies which are sometimes almost professional in their finish. So if you have such latent talents you could use them to make money from home. It could be anything that is creative and which you could make a sale of; carpentry, artifacts, flowers, paintings, eats and clothes etc. These goods could be advertised on the website and you would have sales and orders on line and also be able to make money from home. Home business starts as a part time venture To make money from home, your home business will start on a small scale as a part time venture, but with time this will turn out to be much more than that. If you have any hesitation about starting out, just remember that since you are working for someone that person has confidence in you and is able to run a profitable business with you in it, similarly you could also run your own home business and make money from home. You should have self confidence in your ability to be successful in whatever you do, and home business is something that most people with a little talent can accomplish.

Once you do set out on your venture to make money from home, you will automatically gain self confidence and after the first sale will be motivated to go ahead and achieve much more instead of taking a back seat and holding yourself in harness.

Make your spare rooms a bed and breakfast unit If you live in a large roomy old fashioned home or on a farm house with more rooms than people in it, you should utilize the extra space you have to make money from home. There are many people who want a break from the usual monotony of their daily routines and would love to take a break with bed and breakfast provided. All you have to do is to furnish the rooms with basic comforts and throw in a good breakfast and you will be in business and make money from home. Be innovative with your ideas and soon you will be able to make money from home with dreams being turned into reality. Another option if you have space in the garden is a pet care out let. People who have pets find it very difficult to go on a holiday as they usually have no place to leave their pets. If you have the space and a few kennels to house the dogs, you could charge the owners and take care of their pets while they are away on vacation. This would also help you to make money from home. Garden space or horticultural outlet A home garden if used judiciously can have a large variety of plants, which could be propagated with the right kind of nutrients and soil. Once you get the right technique and have accumulated a fairly large number of plants you could have a sale of plants in your home garden.

This is a very relaxing past time and can be a way to make money from home too.

Bulk Email and Selecting the Correct ISP for You

New World Opportunities Inc. It may not meet the eye as being obvious but there is a lot more to consider in making this selection than one might think.

It does not matter if you do everything by the book when it comes to complying with the Can-Spam act of 2003.Even if you create an opt-in offer as opposed to going for the jugular with a heavy website-link laden sales letter,all it takes is ONE complaint.You could have followed protocol to the tee and your ISP ,sure as bears love honey,will slap you on the wrist.They may even take it further and impose some restrictions and you can be sure their abuse policy department will keep it’s beady little eye on you. So where does this leave you if you want to make a surefire go at permission-based email marketing? It means that the time has arrived for you to shop for a «bulk email friendly» ISP.Be assured that they do exist but how does one go about finding the right one? There are many important factors to consider: If you elect to buy large lists,will your price include unlimited monthly mailings? Does their proprietary software have a user friendly template and functionality with which to create your email campaigns? How fast and efficient will your lists upload? HTML capability? (most do but your emails will stand out much better once opened with it) How much will your PC speed and functionality be compromised while the blast goes out? Company integrity-will your emails actually reach the desired recipient or merely be floating around in cyber la-la land Do they offer click and view tracking and reporting? Pricing when all else is satisfied and is tech support fast,efficient and 24/7? Will all of your emails contain a removal link and a secondary return email address? Let’s just take a moment to elaborate on a few of these afore-mentioned points.

Unlimited monthly mailings is very important to you as many of them do not and the price points get very large for those that make send out a million emails a month or more.

The template should have separate fields for the URL you wish to promote as well as a subject line,body of the main letter and email address.If possible always request a demo or trial version of the software.Most do and will gladly comply with that.Some have list loading capabilities that rival the speed of one learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language so be careful.If your PC’s speed will be compromised and it becomes slow sledding,you may want to send at night as you retire so that no other job conflicts and you are not slowed down. Removal links are an absolute necessity so that you can never make the mistake of emailing someone who has requested to be taken off your list and this conforms with the guidelines of the Can-Spam Act.Tracking codes are great and some of the quality ISP’s provide that so you can monitor which ad pieces and which lists are getting you a better response.It doesn’t hurt if you are tech-minded to inquire as to the quality and quantity of their servers.The tech support factor should never be underestimated.You will be dependent on them at intervals and you will want to know if they are quick,courteous,competent,always available and what is the average hold time ? If they get a clean bill of health in all of the categories that you deem to be paramount,then it just comes down to how fair and competitive their pricing is in the end.

Good luck!

Do You What Is The Percentage Of People Using Adwords Profitably?

#1 Create a list with all possible keywords that fit to your product, service or whatever you are promoting. The more words you come up with, the more chances you get of finding the niche keyword which brings me to point 2 #2 Niche Keywords.

Drill down deep into the word, expand on it.

For example, if you are promoting affiliate products related to mothballs. Instead of just mothballs you can use mothballs for sale, mothballs for sale in uk, motballs , discount mothball etc… The possibilities are quite huge. Use a combination of misspellings, adjectives and country locations. #3 Make use of excluding keywords. If you are promoting a particular product – say an ebook on making mothballs and it is sold for $100 dollars.

You bided on the keyword “blue mothballs”.

People searching for the term free blue mothballs would see your ad thus making it clickable and lowering its CTR. If you add a ‘-free’ it would eliminate unwanted advertising costs. #4 I usually choose NOT to advertise on content opting purely for search as they are more targeted and is of higher quality. BUT if I am targeting a highly competitive area where ads are like $0.80 per click, I would turn on advertising for content while disabling adwords for searching(lowering bid price). I would have total control over costs while having traffic extremely cheap.

Marketing your web site – Part 3 – Using Email, e-books, letterhead and magazines

Using Email to market your web site This is a very touchy subject. One that needs to be addressed and that you need to understand. Email marketing falls into three categories. First is simple, you place a signature line in your email program that automatically adds your signature block to each out going email. This signature line identifies your web site and a brief tag line or catch phase. Every time you respond or send an email, your signature advertises your business. No problems with that. However, the next two types of email marketing are very touchy. By now, everyone has heard of SPAM. Your definition may be different from mine and from the governments. However, you look at it, SPAM is unwanted email. Now email marketing requires that we send emails to our potential customers. This can be done either with or without their permission. Sending email without the permission of the recipient put us in a bad light. Often resulting is negative feelings and responses from the recipient. This is bad for business. If you piss off the potential customer, well…. they are no longer a potential customer as they have deleted you email and won’t be visiting your site. You have wasted valuable time and money. So, the only people you will be sending any marketing emails to will be those that have requested information from you or have agreed to receive information from you. This is called permission based email. Where can you find people who are willing to receive your emails? First provide a place on your web site to gather the names and addresses of your visitors. Offer them something in exchange, such as a free publication, or your newsletter, or something else of potential value to them. Let them know when they sign up that you will from time to time be sending them information. Include in the email a means to unsubscribe at any time. As people sign up you are building your email list which you can market to as often as you like. I wouldn’t recommend more than twice a month. There are other web sites that maintain a list of people who want to hear from your.

This permission based method is usually based on a particular subject matter. Such as hobbies, business ideas, child care etc. You can find them on the web by searching for mailing list. Emails are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. If you have a brick and motor store, try to get the email addresses of your current customers and add them to the list as well. You will be surprised at how much extra business can come from a personalize email about a special you are offering for their support over the last year etc. Using E-books to market your web site What can your own E-zine or E-book do for your business or web site? How about: Sell more products or services. An e-zine/e-book can increase your credibility, making it easier to sell your product or service as well as those of others in which you have a stake. Attract more affiliates to help sell your products or services. This form of advertising is viral in it approach. E-zines and e-books get passed from person to person. Creating more interest which makes people want to jump on board and become part of that success. Establish yourself as an expert in your field, creating more ‘believability’ and trust. People don’t buy from strangers. With you e-zine or e-book you become better known to them. When the time comes they need or want your products or services, there’s no question who they’ll buy them from — YOU! Show your visitors and clients everything you can really do for them, maximizing your sales efforts. Build a base of customers who are ready to hire you, buy from you, evangelize for you and create more fans for you. Effortlessly spread the word about your business via «viral marketing.» Create new revenue streams from selling ad space and recommending other products that you’re an affiliate of. See our affiliate page for more information.

Become a recognized publisher. Have others writing your articles, advertisers paying for exposure in your publication. Here is an IMPORTANT point, capture the email addresses of your Web site visitors, gaining permission to market to them over and over again and multiple chances closing the sale. Not to mention the sales of other products or services. Keep in touch with all of your customers, prospects, and associates — on a regular basis. Simple tips for creating e-zines and e-books Package your knowledge on a regular basis into tips and articles that can be reprinted in other publications for tons of additional exposure and traffic. There are thousands of ebooks and e-zines in publication today. Most are specialized in a particular segment of the web or interest. When you find an ebook/ezine that reaches the people that may be interested in your product or service. Contact them to see if they take outside articles. If they do, send them an article or two that you may have written. Include information on your business and its web site If they publish your article, your name and web site will be listed. This is a great way of getting free advertising and traffic to your site. Another way to get articles for your e-books is to find someone to write them for you.

Much like the process above but in this case you are the one publishing the material.

Use your web site, chat rooms, forums etc to advertise for articles. Save thousands of dollars printing and postage by producing your newsletter online instead of printing it. Adobe Writer is a good program for your e-books and any email program can be used for e-zines. We have several resources in our download area on ebook. One of the better programs for creating ebooks is Deadeasy although not free it makes a great tool for creating ebooks. If you would like more information on Deadeasy, click here. Using Letterhead to market your web site Every business uses paper to correspond with its customers, vendors and other businesses. Many small businesses and home based businesses today use the computer a and a word processor to generate this correspondence whether it be printed or electronic we all do. So how can we use this correspondence to market our business? Simple, create a letterhead template and make it your default document when ever you create a business related correspondence. In your letterhead template make sure you have your website address and you company slogan (if you have one) prominently displayed. I have even seem some letterhead lately that simply has the website address listed and no physical address as many companies are Internet based or figure that you will have access to the Internet and can visit their site to look up the street address if needed.

This is actually a clever move, in that it get you to visit the site, which is what our marketing is trying to do to begin with. Using Magazines to market your web site Those articles that you wrote or had written for your business can also be sent to magazine and newspapers for publication. Each one that is printed is free advertisement for your business that last for years. Just think how many issues are passed around from person to person before they end up in the trash. I saw several magazines at the Laundromat that were from 1996-1998 that people were still reading. You can do a search on the web for publications in your area of expertise. Visit their web sites and find the editors email address. Be sure to find out the policy for submitting an article for publication and follow it. Some editors don’t like it when the mail box is full of unsolicited articles that do not conform to their policies and will just trash the email instead of replying to you.

Search Engines and Small Markets

If your business is focused on a very particular, small market, you are going to love search engines.

The more focused you are, the easier it is to win on the engines. Search Engines and Small Markets Once you have identified a small market and built a site, you need to start thinking about Internet marketing. Search engines present the best marketing platform on a dollar for dollar basis. There are two specific ways to go about the process. Pay-per-click advertising on search engines is a great way to immediately reach your target audience. Google Adwords and Overture represent the two best ppc platforms. Place ads using these two platforms and the ads will appear on the search results for Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and a host of other search engines. The second platform for getting in front of your market on the search engines is search engine optimization, better known as seo. The goal in seo is to identify the keyword phrases your prospects are using to find things. You then try to get your site ranked in the top three or four positions when the relevant search engines return results for any of the searches. The upside of seo is you don’t pay for advertising and rankings tend to stay high once you achieve them. The downside is it can take a couple of months before you appear high in MSN rankings and up to a year or longer on Google. Regardless of the approach you take on the search engines, your focus on a small market gives you a huge advantage. By focusing on a lucrative, defined area of the Internet, you have limited the number of competitors you must take on. It is far easier and cheaper to market to “San Diego Mortgage Loans” than going after “Mortgage Loans.” The first phrase has a limited number of competitors while the second phrase is contested by huge sites with lots of advertising dollars. To this end, make sure you stick to your area when pursuing your marketing. If you offer services in a location, only advertise for keywords incorporating that location. Having a person three states over call you is just a waste of time. Advertising for small, defined markets on the search engines is inexpensive compared to general markets.

It is also easier and quicker to get seo listings.

Who Is Brighton Jewelry?

Brighton is recognized for designing goods with a message. Many of its products’ collection have a defining feature that gives them special meaning. Whether it is love notes engraved in jewelries like pendants, rings and bracelets or a photo incorporated to a handbag. Brighton helps to create lasting memories. The company was established in 1991 and has started out with just a single belt collection.

Through the years, Brighton became an accessory company. In 1993, accessories like handbags were added to their product lines and then came the jewelries, the watches, fragrance line, small leather goods, home accessories, eyewear and the latest for now is luggage. Brighton features products that coordinate from head-to-toe. Matching accessories of jewelry, lipstick, sunglasses, wallet, handbags and even footwear are just some of Brighton’s merchandise. Virtually creating a complete coordinating collection composed of multiple accessories. Its philosophy, the “Brighton Difference” says that the difference is in the details. Their house designers draw each creation by hand and then supervise the product’s concept to fruition. Brighton still keeps the traditional process of making things from the Renaissance era. Brighton’s design team goes to travel and seek inspiration for their products and their ornamentation. It is also working with a host of artisans whose main jobs are to capture and bring to life all the detail of the designer’s original sketch. Brighton leather accessories are mostly made of fine Italian leather. Manufacturing leather accessories can take up to 140 individual manufacturing steps using 40 different parts at the most. “Brightonians” are terms used to denote people collecting Brighton’s leather accessories. The company’s products are distributed and sold through a network of more than 6,000 specialty stores nationwide most of them are family-owned, and has 100 Brighton Collectible stores across the globe. Brighton hosts seminars for their specialty retailers aimed to inspire, motivate and educate them. Events such as Brighton Week, Brighton Across America and Brighton on the Road are all focused at helping storeowners and their employs to improve marketing and their success. Brighton has been known for it heart logo.

The company’s numerous products like handbags always have a dangling silver heart and jewelries and accessories are adorned with them, too. Brightoncs marketing strategy, which they call ‘Girlfriend Marketing’, is one of the ingredients of the company’s success. Girlfriend Marketing involves selling in small stores managed by nice people. These are stores wherein they know their customers by name and thus, able to make their customers feel that they are really valued. So, in return, their customer’s later on spread the news about the Brighton product they bought and so on. Brighton jewelries such as rings are made up of sterling silver. Other jewelry products and silver items are cast in zinc or solid brass and then generously dipped in pure silver. A protective layer of lacquer is added because silver is naturally predisposed to tarnish (due to oxidation) and scratch. Lacquer helps in retarding this natural occurrence. All French wires, posts and lever backs used for Brighton earrings are also sterling silver.

4 Steps to Improving Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Search engine marketing can be a complex and scary topic. Endless opportunities to advertise and market, constantly changing trends and technologies, and overly complex solutions all come with the territory. So, what you don’t need when you’re evaluating or creating your search engine marketing strategy is lengthy explanations about how different techniques work. Instead, seek out advisors who can guide you with simple explanations and techniques based on real results.

That’s exactly what following article is about. It’s a simple list of four things business owners can use in creating or evaluating their search engine marketing strategy.1. Establish Your Internet Marketing Strategy GoalMany consultants will tell you to set goals about what you want to achieve with your website. Forget it. Those are distractions from the real question you need to ask yourself, which is «What is THE purpose of my website?» Once you answer that question, all other aspects of search engine marketing strategy can be leveraged to help you achieve that purpose. Typically, people use their website for many different purposes. Regardless, you still need to answer this question. The focus you will get from it will help you create a more effective strategy. Here are the top three most common answers to the question «What is THE purpose of my website?» 1. To sell things 2. To generate leads for my sales team 3. To educate my target audience It can be this simple! Just decide which of the three answers above suits you best (or create your own) and then move on to step 2.2. Establish a Search Engine Marketing PlanThere’s a reason why search engine marketing is so hot. It works. It consistent generates leads, sales, etc. at a lower cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale than traditional mediums like TV or direct mail advertising. It makes sense when you think about it: when people want to find something online, they go to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. and search for it. Search engine marketing is all about SHOWING UP when people search for what you sell, offer, or have on your website. There is a growing body of knowledge (books, articles, etc.) on how to do this. And like anything else, it has become over analyzed and too complex. To further complicate things, some search engine marketing techniques are ethical and legitimate, while some are not.

The best approach is to create a search engine marketing plan that focuses on two aspects: 1. Search engine optimization – showing up in the «free» area of the search engine’s results 2. Pay-per click advertising – showing up in the «paid» area of the search engine’s results For search engine optimization, first realize there is no «silver bullet.» There just isn’t a way to easily get ranked consistently high in the search engines. It is a combination of factors that always come down to one underlying truth: build your website according to web standards, with a focus on accessibility for all. Just like search engine optimization, there is no «silver bullet» for pay-per click advertising, either. Instead, the formula for PPC success is in well-placed bids (what you will pay to have your ad show up) combined with meaningful landing pages (where people go when they click on your ad).3. Conduct Search Engine Optimization (SEO)The goal of search engine optimization is to make changes to your website to get higher rankings in search engines. Yet, search engine optimization is a confusing sector. On one hand, there are «snake oil salesmen» ready to get you a #1 ranking with their latest trick.

On the other hand, the things that actually do work are very simple, and frankly, just not very «sexy.

» The best strategy to take is a common-sense approach to SEO: develop standards for your website that ALL pages must adhere to. If you do this, and enforce it, you can then branch out to some of the other «niche» aspects of SEO. Here’s a sample list of SEO standards to enforce on your website: 1. Write descriptive HTML page titles that really describe the page it is on (in 255 characters or less) 2. Write a summary sentence that really describes the page it is on (in 255 characters or less) 3. Write page content that is focused on 4. Write descriptive ALT text for all images that describes the concept the image illustrates and never use images for text 5. Build all pages to comply with current web standards observed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Only once your web pages comply with the above standards should you start more advanced SEO techniques, including keyword targeting, 301 redirects, link building (getting more links to your site), RSS news feeds, blogs, and SEO-specific metrics and tracking.4. Leverage Pay-Per Click AdvertisingPay-per click advertising helps you get more traffic from search engines through advertising in search engine results. You pick terms that people search on. You bid a price per click on your ad that you are willing to pay. You ad shows up when someone searches on that term, and, if you’re lucky, they click on your ad and come to your website.

So, pay-per click advertising really boils down to 3 components: 1. Picking keywords to advertise on (i.e. target keywords) 2. Determining what to bid for those target keywords 3. Writing copy for the ads that show up when people search Picking keywords is all about knowing what terms your customers, clients, etc. would use when searching for your product or service. There are several tools to help you generate ideas. The best tools also check to see how many searches-per-month your target keywords receive. You typically want to find keywords that generate a lot of searches every month, but are focused enough for your business. For example, a company that sells Keen high-performance outdoor sandals probably would be best served bidding on «keen sandals» versus «sandals» which could include searches for the all-inclusive resort, Sandals. Determining what to bid for your keywords can be a highly-scientific process, sometimes managed by complex software and several key metrics. To keep it simple, let a tool like Google Adwords Traffic Estimator recommend to you what to bid at first. Start there, and start small. Your best bet is to lock-in a low daily budget limit until you are comfortable with the impressions your ads are getting, the flow of traffic from the ads to your website, and what those people do once they get to your website. Writing ad copy comes down to writing a headline that people will click on, and creating compelling copy below that headline/link that will get people to click. Headlines are best created by following what magazine covers do: focus on getting attention through eye-catching, short phrases. Using words like best (i.e. «Best Tips for a Summer Barbeque»), ultimate (i.e. «Ultimate National Park Vacations») and number-based lists (i.e. «Top 5 Hybrid Cars for 2006″) have all been proven to work. Writing effective ad copy below the title/link is really about reinforcing the term(s) search for. This means using the keywords in the ad copy, and starting the copy with an action verb. By following the approach above, you can create or evaluate your search engine marketing strategy, focus on what matters most when executing your plans, and more effectively achieve your goals.

Make Money From Home And Live In Financial Freedom!

There are so many ways that one could make money from home. Most of the options do zero in on the online work and business opportunities. It is the biggest comfort to be able to work from home and to have flexible timings instead of being tied down to a 9 to 5 job. Search the web for opportunities to make money from home If you want to work from home or make money from home, you would have to scour the options and see what it is that would suit you and that you would be interested in. It all depends on your own capabilities and talents, and depending on this you could opt for the kind of work you would like to do from home and make money from home. The benefits to make money from home To know what is available in this area as work or business you just have to search for options on the net and you will definitely find something that would suit your requirement.

There are so many benefits in working from home – • You have flexible timings with more time to give your family • Being at home more makes family bonding stronger • You can manage your own life the way you want to • You have no fixed income limits but can work more and earn more • You have more tax benefits • You do not have to be stressed out with peer pressure or with difficult bosses • You can do many things at the same time as the time is all yours • You can qualify further and have varied and multiple jobs at the same time These are just a few of the benefits of working from home, once you start to make money from home you will find so much more to be thankful for, because you took this step to work from home.

A low investment will bring in high dividends The best thing about work from home is that you do not have to invest much money in whatever you are planning to do from home. Whether it is taking on online work to make money from home, or to start a home business, the money that you would have to invest is minimal. After all the work spot or the “office” is your own home, so there is no additional expenditure and apart from this you would only need a computer and an internet connection. Whether you go in for selling on ecommerce or providing services to customers all your communication would be done via email. Home made craft and other such trade In case you are planning on selling wares made by hand or clothes that have been stitched by you, paintings or even eatables, then all you would need is a work space or table and most of the tools will be available in the house. So in any case you still do not have to invest much more for your work. To make money from home all you need is some talent and the capacity to dream and to make your dreams come true. With all the compensations of working from a home environment you can do very well for yourself by investing in your time and talent to start and make money from home.

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Advertising internet online provides marketing, Internet advertising, search engine optimization and sales consulting for businesses, web site promotion and lead generation. LunaGraphica provides a full range of Internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), link acquisition, banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) programs, and e-mail marketing. An Internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising management could help.

was founded in 1994 as an internet advertising firm specializing in increasing website visibility through successful search engine marketing strategies.

Advertising internet online provides marketing, Internet advertising, search engine optimization and sales consulting for businesses, web site promotion and lead generation. web site promote free internet advertising search engines submit url. SEO advertising and positioning services include, site optimisation, submissions and placements of websites in internet search engines. The only type of internet advertising you should be doing on search engines is pay per click. An Internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising management could help. LunaGraphica provides a full range of Internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), link acquisition, banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) programs, and e-mail marketing. If it does, you are doing something wrong!Search engine placement with Internet advertising is a good short term solution. Our website sells advertising internet resource advertising engine internet search etc. The charts that follow track the influence of internet advertising on purchase decisions by search engine preference. Only a person who knows nothing about search engine optimization and Internet advertising can say so. was founded in 1994 as an internet advertising firm specializing in increasing website visibility through successful search engine marketing strategies.

Making Money with Niche Websites Marketing

Jason Chew Having a good niche subject to base your website around is one of the most important aspects of niche website marketing. This will give you a foundation to build from and you can target one general audience with a pack of keywords that they are most likely to be searching for. You should take each one of these keywords and use it for the basis of one article on each page. This way, even though you are targeting one specific subject, you will be sure to interest a wide variety of people in that one niche. They may also find other pages that interest them, which will keep them returning to your site to learn new information about the niche subject. The best way to find keywords for your niche subject is to use a keyword software program and type in the word that is the subject of your niche. This will generate a list of keywords or phrases that contain your niche and will also show you approximately how many people search for each word or phrase. Some software programs may also tell you how many sites are out there to compete with for each word or phrase (this will help you know if those sites are worth competing with for the number of searches out there). You then deicide which of these would be most profitable by determining which have the least amount of competitors, so that you have a chance at making it to the first or second page of search engine results, but that also have a decent amount of people looking for that keyword or phrase each month.

These will be the keywords or phrases that you will base the pages of your niche site on. If there are a number of topics that you like, pick the one that you feel would be easiest to start with and then, once that site is built and generating some revenue, you can start another site. The most profitable website marketers, who use their talent of finding niches and combining that with good site content and a handful of affiliate links, have a good amount and variety of niche sites that they have started. You are never limited in what you can do with niche website marketing, unless you find out that you do not have the marketing skills or the needed funding to make it happen. Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

Sell Stuff On Craigslist And Make Quick Money

If you look around the house or apartment, you are definitely going to see something you donґt use or that you consider junk. Why not sell this stuff and make a few extra bucks? The Internet is one of the best sources in trying to sell any type of product and make a substantial amount of money while doing so. By using the world wide web, you are allowing millions of people to view whatever you are selling and enabling yourself to have the best advantage in getting rid of whatever it is you are trying to get rid off. If you are to use a local newspaper or add agency, you are going to have to pay a fee to advertise your product and therefore lose part of the profit you are tying to make selling whatever it is. The best solution to this dilemma is to use Craigslist. Craigslist is a free service and it is a great way to sell stuff. When you use Craigslist, you are punching yourself a ticket to success lane when it comes to selling products. As I touched on earlier in this article, the Internet is a superior way to give an unlimited number of people access to your advertisement. Using a local medium such as a newspaper only allows people who read the paper to see your add. Basically you only are able to target a small group of individuals when really you want to showcase your product or products to as many people as possible.

The more people who see your add, the better chance you have in selling your stuff and making quick money. Literally millions of people search on Craigslist everyday in search of the most random things possible. They eventually find it too because countless people use Craigslist to sell weird things. It is a very popular site and it is a great way for a number of people to see your items. In addition. Craigslist is a very credible and reliable place to sell stuff. Maybe you are trying to sell your automobile. They have a specific category in which you can place your add so people who are looking for a car have an easier time finding your specific car for sale. This holds true for a number of items. For example, if you are trying to get a rid of an old television, there is a section for electronics. This makes life a whole lot more convenient for people instead of trying to search for items in a big jumble of junk. Craigslist is good because it is organized and it is constantly updated so you can always see the latest items for sale. In the case that you are trying to sell something, your advertisement is immediately posted when you finish typing in whatever you are trying to sell. Craigslist is a wonderful idea if you are trying to make a few bucks and want to sell something fast. Many people look on it everyday to find certain things. Check it out and see what Iґm talking about if you donґt believe me.

Learning to Use Internet Business Directories

As an online business owner, one of your preoccupations is increasing your site traffic. If you have been in business for even a short period of time, you know that the key to getting more hits is by optimizing for the search engines. Most people use the search engines to find the sites they are looking for, so it is in your best interests to achieve as high a page ranking as you can.

Search engine optimization is vital to your business, but you should not overlook another method for increasing your site traffic: getting listed in an internet business directory. Internet business directories work in the same way that yellow pages work for traditional pages. To wit, they are listings of the various businesses operating on the web. To make the listings more tenable to use, the sites are grouped according to different categories. Sites can be listed by topics or regions, for example. Different business directories use different criteria to categorize its sites. The reason you want to get listed in an internet business directory is simple: people use directories to find sites. While getting listed in an internet business directory is not as important as getting optimized for the search engines, it can nevertheless contribute to an increase in your site traffic. People use directories to find a wide variety of sites pertaining to topics they are interested in. Obviously, not being listed is a disadvantage. To have your site listed in an internet business directory, you must first identify the directories that you feel will be most conducive to your business’ success. Next, you will have to submit your site for possible inclusion. If your site is legitimate, you should have no problem getting accepted. After being reviewed, your site will be indexed in the most appropriate category. Here some excellent examples of internet business directories: AME Info ( – A business directory listing almost 200, 000 Middle Eastern companies. ATT Directories ( – This site can help you find a persons and/ or business by name or phone number. Big Book ( – A listing of businesses within the United States. You can search for a business using its name, location, or category. Resources ( – A listing of European companies involved in importing and exporting. British Companies ( – a listing of British consumer product companies. British Services ( – a listing of British service providers. ( – This site also doubles as a search engine. You can find products, services, companies and jobs here. Corporate Affiliations ( – lists companies that have merged, changed names, or gone out of business. Europages: European Business Directory ( – Europages lists the addresses of half a million companies from thirty European countries. The site can be viewed in six languages. This listing is not meant to be an exhaustive one, but it should be sufficient to get you started. Remember that internet business directories can help you increase your market reach, so you should never overlook them!

This Is Your One Way Pass To Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Before getting started, there are a few major points I would like to put in consideration. First of all most of the work from home business opportunities, are nothing but scams and fraudulent offers that are just trying to get your money and waste your time by telling you that you are going to get rich quick. Before you start subscribing, using your money, and wasting your time, do some research on the business and or company that is promoting the product or service that you are interested in. Find out if they are the real deal, and not a bunch of crap.

Some major points to take in consideration, • Large upfront investment and the hidden fees after that • The chance to make big money with little or no work • Do not clearly state what products or services you would be selling or promoting • Lack of available contact information • They don’t want to help you get started It is not unusual that a business or company would want you to pay a huge fee to just get started. They want to take alot of money from you to get started, and then they start promoting other products or services to you that they say you need or you won’t be able to make your money back, or you might not be able to get started, and then they say if you don’t buy the other products or services you won’t get rich. So you start spending hundreds even thousands of dollars, and never even make a dollar back.

That is a big fat scam. The chance to make huge profits with little or no work. That is a big lie they are telling you. That should be a huge red flag, or a bell ringing in your head telling you that this is probably a big scam. Think about it for a second or two. How can you make a big profit, or any profits if you don’t have to do any work. They make it sound like you do not have to lift a finger to do anything, and the system will be on autopilot right after you buy the product or service. That is the biggest lie of them all, believe I know from experience. The best internet marketers in the world had to do some work, or they would not have got as far as they have today in internet marketing. Think about it for a second, Marketing = Work = Profits Thats the formula to the truth about it, that is not a lie. I have seen that most companies or businesses don’t even try to show you what products or services you would even be trying to promote to the public before you even sign up to join their program. Why do they do that, because they are afraid of losing a sale. Once you find out what you would be doing, you might not want to do the program or service, that they are offering and just click away to go find something else. They want to sucker you in the deal first, then show you what you will be promoting next. Again that is a scam. Remember to do research on them before even deciding to join. Most companies and businesses fail to give you good contact information, because they are afraid that you might want to change your mind about the whole situation, and then ask to get a refund on your purchase. They don’t want to give your money back. Thats why they have limited the contact information so you cannot contact them at anytime. Believe me when I say this, most of them do not care about you in the first place.

They only care about how much money you are going to spend to get started. Most of them do not care if you ever succeed in the business. I have spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of different programs and services that didn’t even want to help me after I spent my hard earnings to their company. To me that is wrong. I would send emails, post blogs, post in forms, and I even picked up the phone and tried to call and ask them some questions to problems I was having. Do you want to know what my answers were? I had to wait days on in to get a email, they would post back to the blogs, and forms with half answers to my questions. And for the phone, believe it or not, they would put me on hold and then hang up. You can see I was getting very frustrated, and was beginning to lose my dream, which is financial freedom. But it wasn’t over, I did not give up. I never gave up my dream to what I wanted in life. I kept searching for something that would work for me to actually start changing my life. That time came when I found the program that still works for me to this day. Do you want to know the big secret? A program that works 100%, and is the real deal. Hold on, I am going to tell you. First of all, let me tell you what this program is all about • It is not a large upfront investment that does not work, it does work 100% • You can make huge profits with this program, and you have to do some work, not alot, but just some work to get it going • It is stated upfront of the products and services you will be promoting • More than enough contact information available • One of the greatest things about it is, they help you get started 100%, step-by-step guide to succeeding in 30 days • It is so easy that even a beginner can get started and have success • No need to have to worry about how to program or how to have to design a website, because they do it for you • and much, much more This program is got so many more features that you will have to check it out. I am being really honest about all of the information in here. If you are really tired of getting scamed, lied to, and cheated out of your money on programs and services that do not work, then I strongly recommend in joining the one program that will change your life for good. Believe me this one works, because I am living my dream of financial freedom. And you can too. Sincerly, Dave Beck P.S. I really do want to see you succeed in your goals and dreams in life like me. Remember that I was in the same boat as you before I became successful in my dream. So don’t give up yet. Take up my offer and finally succeed in life.

Using web banner adverting, magazine ads, ppc search engine marketing

Anybody who has a product to sell, an idea to promote or a service to offer relies on advertising to get the attention they require.

There are so many forms of local advertising and internet advertising that finding the correct medium can sometimes be a daunting task these are some examples: web banner advertising, PPC search engine ppc search engine advertising is a paid assortment of announcements which appear on the first pages of results in ppc search engines (Google, Yahoo, Overture, etc.). They have recently become an important consideration when marketing a company’s, or small business web site . The times the advertisement appears depends on the keywords chosen by the website marketer, in addition to appearing as “text” rather than a graphic or banner. Therefore, such advertising at times is referred to as «textual». Magazine Ads – You can advertise on magazines and save up to 80% off the regular price. There is a company called Media Bids , which allow you to meet other marketers as well as to choose among different marketing packages available. The service is free. You only pay for an ad if you choose to make a purchase. As you can see, these techniques can increase your exposure and help you get more clients. You can read about other effective marketing techniques from my free e-book Banner advertising The internet is now changing at an accelerated rate, it has made web banner advertising a popular and widespread form of advertising where practically all the websites have one or the other form of a advertising banner on it. Though it is thought that the effectiveness of banner advertising on the web has declined, there are many tips, which if followed, prove to make people rush to your website! When you create a banner file make sure the banner ad uses only a small file. This is because a large .gif or .jpg file takes a few seconds to download, wherein the visitor may have either left the page or just scrolled down the page without seeing the banner.

And if people don’t see your banner, they are sure not going to click on it! So make it a point to restrict your file size to below 10K or 15K;it may be difficult, but where there is a will, there is a way! Make it a point to have a call to action on your banner. This means having the words ‘click here’ or ‘sign up now’, where you guide the user to click on the banner. The main reason this has to be included is that people are so used to off-line advertising where people just see banners, without having to do anything. They are usually not aware that they have to click on the banner to find out more! So make it a point to have a call to action on your banner ad to improve the effectiveness of the banner.

The Autoresponder Outline

The auto-responder note was short, pointed and just what I wanted to read. In fact, I thought the email was a representation of the near perfect auto-responder message. Let me break down the elements that make an auto-responder message successful. 1) Order Tracking. The section provides the order number for easy referral if there is a problem with the order. Customers can use this number when contacting the company with any customer service question. 2) A Statement of Intent. This section clearly defines how many emails the recipient will receive to guide them through the product fulfillment process. In the case of this sample that number is three. This number is fairly standard for auto-responder emails. a) Order Confirmation. This email assures you that the company received your order. b) Order Status. This email indicates that the order is in process and provides an itemized list of purchases and applicable discounts along with shipping related costs c) Order Shipped. This email is sent when the product fulfillment team delivers the package for delivery. This generally includes tracking numbers and business contact information should the package be delayed lost or arrived damaged.

At this point the auto-responder notice encourages recipients to white list their emails so future information isn’t sent to the spam folder.

Finally the auto-responder message includes a closing note from the customer services department head.

In this case there is a statement listed that reads, “My only job is making you happy.” In all the auto-responder message was shorter than the above description. No graphics were included, but the message was caught and digested quickly. It may be to your advantage to make your auto-responder messages short and without undue marketing statements. After all the reason for the auto-responder is to manage a customer’s order once the purchase is actually complete. To go overboard in marketing might be viewed as overkill. Auto-responders should be designed to assist both the online business owner and the customer. This happens when pertinent information is delivered on a timely basis. Customers appreciate knowing the status of their order and a three-pronged approach to information delivery can happen in a virtually hands-free environment known as auto-responder. Does your auto-responder have to look exactly like the sample outline above? No. You devise it any way you want. I simply used this outline to demonstrate one very succinct way to allow your customers to know what to expect, when to expect it and that you will not be sending long-term emails to them without their permission. I might suggest that if you want to include a marketing angle make that appeal on your last auto-responder email.

This email can provide tracking information, but it can also alert customers to ezines or free email services you may offer that may be knowledge-based and desirable. Make sure this is offered as an opt-in function and don’t high-pressure these individuals who have already extended their trust in making a purchase. Auto-responders can be the first line of defense when it comes to providing proactive customer service.

7 Ways to Market Your Business Online


Does that single word cause you to want to scream or run away? Well, it doesn’t need to cause that kind of reaction. Although every business, large or small, needs to market themselves on a regular basis, there is no need to be afraid of it. You really just need to do what is comfortable for you. One thing you can do is market your business online, and it is easier than you think. Here are seven of the most popular online marketing ideas:1. Have a professionally-designed web siteIf you have the skills and time needed to create your own professional site, by all means do it. If not, hiring a professional will be money well spent. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. Just keep it simple to educate others about what products or services you offer.2. Online networkingThis is a great way to meet those in your target market, especially if you don’t enjoy networking in person. Two sites I can suggest that do not cost anything to join are: Ryze Business Networking, LinkedIn, Submit articles onlineIf you enjoy writing, a great way to drive more traffic to your web site is by submitting articles online. Find publications that your target market reads, and submit your articles there. Some sites offer directories of articles that others can use in e-zines or blogs. Submit to as many sites as possible, and don’t forget to include a short bio at the end. Reference your contact information, including a link back to your web site.4. E-zinesE-zines help you keep in touch with clients, customers and colleagues. This is also another opportunity to send more traffic to your site. <5. Blogs Blogging is becoming much more popular these days. Blogs are less formal than e-zines, allowing you to become more up close and personal, while still promoting your business.6. Message BoardsAlthough this also falls under the category of online networking, posting to message boards is a great way to showcase your expertise.

Offer a solution to a problem someone has posted about, or offer a helpful tip. The more you come across as being an expert in your field, the more you will build your credibility.7. Advertise in online publicationsThis option is not the least expensive way to get your business noticed, but can help if you know your target audience. There are plenty of sources for finding lists of publications that allow advertising. As you can see, marketing your business online is fairly easy to do. Hopefully these suggestions will get you started in finding more business, and getting the word out there about you and your business.

Three Things You’ll Never Hear from Home Business Owners

There are a few things you will never hear a home business owner say. The fact they don’t utter those particular comments actually tell us a lot about why owning your home business is so incredibly attractive. Let’s look at three examples and what they show us. First, you will never hear a home business owner say, “I wish I had my old schedule back.” Although some people seem to take comfort in certainty, those who own their own businesses soon find that the flexibility and personal fulfillment that comes with being in charge of their own lives makes what some see as a form of security almost akin to a prison. They love making their own hours and deciding how to use their own time. Second, a home business owner will never say, “I wish I was more appreciated.” You’ll hear that lament from many people who slave away at nine to five jobs without recognition or reward, but those who run their own businesses receive immediate financial and personal rewards for their efforts. They are no longer concerned about being noticed or appreciated. They get to experience the direct benefits of everything they do and learn to appreciate themselves more in the process. Finally, those who operate home businesses never say, “I feel trapped.” Again, you can hear that complaint from those in the traditional workforce, but people who own and operate their own moneymakers don’t have to worry about feeling trapped in something they don’t enjoy or that doesn’t bring a sense of fulfillment or adequate pay. Instead, they always have the option to grow, transform or redirect their professional lives based on their interests and experiences. Owning your own business may not always be easy. It can require some effort and determination. However, those seem like small prices to pay for the sense of personal freedom and opportunity for financial rewards that come along with being one’s own boss instead of merely serving as an employee. The things you don’t hear from home business owners can tell you a great deal about controlling your own operation and the attendant benefits of escaping a world of employee clock-punchers! If you are considering your own home business, think about the issues upon which other home business owners are silent.

Their lack of complaints and angst on certain topics can give you some big clues about just how rewarding it can be to own your own business.

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