List Building And The Hollywood Movie

The head of a movie company sits down with his or her executives and discusses potential movie deals that have optioned. They make a list of the prospects and then reduce the selection to a few they really feel have potential. The executives take that list and begin exploring ideas with creative staff and casting directors. The most promising films go into development with screen tests, costume and production and the film moves forward. The day comes when filming begins and a day when the filming ends. At that point the stars remain available for callbacks while the producer, director and editors begin the tedious work of capturing all the pieces and putting them together with effects and sound.

Someone else has been busy with their own list.

These marketing experts are locking in premier dates and additional screens for opening night. Other members of the marketing team are making lists for media interviews for the stars of the show. Still other team members are making lists for what media outlets will be used for advertising. I’m sure I missed a few lists somewhere, but the idea is that everyone develops lists. For instance, most stores will have information on file that lets their employees know who they don’t extend credit to or who they can’t accept a check from. All stores have a list of vendors. Service clubs and civic organizations have lists of those who have provided charitable giving and are likely to do so again. Political candidates have lists for contributors and those likely to support them in a public way. In each case these individuals worked organically to devise their list. They research prospects or draw from an already established pool. The success these individuals have with their lists is in direct proportion to their ability to make sure they have the best information for who should be contacted. When it comes to list building the same idea is applicable. You need to have a good handle on your recipients. This may mean you have to pay closer attention to detail. It may also mean that you only work with those who have either purchased your product or have expressed an interest in receiving information about your company.

List building is not about the cold call, but rather is an extension of the tentative trust given by those on your list. Those who receive information from you should not express anger at receiving your email. They may not be interested at the moment, but they should recognize you as someone they have willingly done business with in the past and may be more than willing to do so again in the future. If we revisit the movie analogy we can see that there were multiple lists for multiple efforts in reaching one goal – a successful movie. As your business grows you may find that you may need to build more than one list to cover the more specific needs of your consumer base. Take time to manage sound list building strategies. Your efforts will be much more successful if you do.