Breathing Life into Old eBook Titles To Sell On eBay

John Thornhill Those who sell eBooks on eBay recognize that certain titles tend to decrease in popularity over time. A new release that is enthusiastically greeted by buyers may eventually linger without a single offer after a few short months. If the eBook was handled wisely, the seller made a significant profit when the market is hot. However, he or she will still own resell rights to the eBook after the initial surge. One can let those older titles sit on a hard drive, gathering digital dust, or they can try to breathe new life into the older products and find a way to make them valuable commodities for some time to come. Obviously, maximizing the value of one’s investment in the resale rights to an eBook is the more sensible alternative. There are a few techniques one can use to make some of those older titles viable again on the eBay market.

The first strategy is bundling. This involves taking multiple titles and offering them as a package deal. This technique can work very well when one owns the rights to a variety of titles on a related theme. They can then offer a one-of-a-kind package featuring a great deal of information at a very low price. Even though some of the material may not be cutting edge, the sheer volume offered can make the deal very attractive to potential buyers. When one considers that the eBooks involved were doing nothing in terms of moneymaking prior to being bundled, it is easy to see why this is a popular strategy for eBook sellers. Another strategy involves searching out a different target audience. Many eBook sellers focus on offering items to consumers with a direct interest in the eBook subject matter. For instance, an eBook about “dog care” may be aggressively marketed toward dog owners. However, one can offer older eBook titles (again, often in bundled form) to other sellers. Resellers may be interested in obtaining rights to a wide array of titles inexpensively, believing they can resell them either on eBay or in some other venue. A third means of breathing new life into an older title involves providing an update to the established title.

Generally this will involve self-authoring an additional eBook or special report as a companion piece to the pre-existing eBook.

This is as great way to convince those who missed the eBook back in its heyday to pick up a copy now. It also allows you to offer that older title with something else, making it a bit more attractive. Finally, you may even find buyers who are primarily interested in the updated special report. This will require either writing the material or outsourcing the task to a freelance writer. However, if you are dealing with a well-known title, this can be a great way to make extra money! One must, however, be cognizant of all copyright and intellectual property right matters in authoring any sort of companion piece to a pre-existing title. Old titles don’t need to just sit on the hard drive unused. With a little effort and creativity, one can reinvigorate their inventory and maximize its profit potential.