Why use Google Adsense?

The simple answer is because you can make money from it! Wouldn’t it be good to spend maybe a few days setting up enough pages to run enough adsense ads to be able to then sit back and do nothing while our adsense campaign is out there working for us 24/7, in all counties and earning enough from that, to not have to work anymore? Or, if it were to take you a few weeks or even months to do this, wouldn’t it still be worthwhile? Ok, so how do we do this? First we ne Many html composers will allow us to edit the page in the “view” that we would see in if it was a live page. So all we have to do is place XXX in the page were we want the ad to appear, and then switch to “html view” (or whatever your composer calls the page that you edit html code on). In the html view we find the XXX, then simply delete the XXX and paste the adsense ad code in its place. EASY! NOTES: Some composers won’t run the script in any view after you paste it, ARGH! This may make you think it didn’t work. In addition when you load it to your server and run it live, you may still not see your ad display! It sometimes takes a little while for everything to propagate on the page. So, as long as the code is there in html view, don’t waste your time trying to figure out why it isn’t showing, just come back every hour or so to check it. Also you will notice at first, the ads may not be targeted or may only display partially, just be patient, I have had to wait up to 3 days for some of my ad displays to appear!Jed to consider how we can make web pages. We can make each one manually and or use some kind of webpage building software. If we choose to manually construct our web pages we also need to include enough content to make people want to go there in the first place so they can click on the adsense ad.

But if the content is good enough to attract them in the first place then maybe they won’t want to go somewhere else anyway, so that really defeats the purpose. So this brings us to another point of consideration. For our adsense ads to work best we need to have people landing on them who are looking for information about a specific subject. So our adsense page has to have lots of information about one specific subject, but not so much that they stay there. To do this we can consider using software to make a directory of information pages, on these pages we have links to other sites that are providing the detailed information that our visitors are looking for. On our directory page we have a description of the sites that are listed there. And many of these sites have provided a “Reciprocal link” to our sites, home page! (This will be covered below) so we will now have a page with lots of great content (all the site descriptions) and this is where people come looking for specific information, so we place our adsense ads here! They are targeted pages, and visitors arrive looking for something to click on! So it makes adsense to do this. Setting up an adsense account: This can be a little bewildering due to the fact that you need to create your first ad as part of the signup process. https://www.google.com/adsense If you go here you’ll find that Google has taken care of everything by providing a step by step guide that tells you everything you need know. Designing your adsense display: Once you have your adsense account set up you’ll be able to choose the type of add you want and Taylor it to suit your site.

Some things to consider when doing this are, do you want it to appear as a part of the page? Or do you want it to jump out as something different? It’s difficult to say which is best, because that depends on a range of variables, such as your target market, your overall objectives and promotional plan. To track your adsense ads performance you can use the “channels” option while creating your ad boxes, this will help you to determine which ads in which pages are doing the best and that, in turn, will enable you to decide on the best possible style and position for displaying your ads. Placing an Ad display on your page: First, this all depends on your skill and knowledge of html, if you’re new to web page building and html, you may find this a challenging task. If you are experienced you can skip to the notes in this section, these notes may save you a lot of time and worry