Krugle: The New Search Engine Defiantly Not for “The Rest of Us”

If you are not a full-fledged geek, AKA, programmer this is new tool is not for you! A Silicon Valley startup launched a search engine in March that will allow developers to search for code and source code.

Sorry Martha, (Steward that is) I’m afraid your wonderful “Docorating the Drive with Pink Lillies” will not appear in the search engine result on this site. The name of the engine is Krugle, and it will provide simple search for retrieving information related to source code – as well as other techy info – all from an easy to use, un-cluttered GUI. It is surely possible to use Google for programmers to find source code, but this can be a tricky task. The new engine functions by crawling, indexing, and parsing its information from open source directories and archives. It also pulls its results from Email lists, blogs and websites. Kruggle says the site will run using open source and private technology. For open source, Apache Software called “Nutch and Lucine” is used. The parsing is done using a generator called “Another Tool for Language Recognition.” It is similar to two other search tools called Koders and another Codefetch. What should be different with Kruggle is it will permit programmers and developers to notate the results they find, make bookmarks, and save their results in their own space (incidently, in early May, Google announced a similar feature that allowed users to save results in their own workspace). Using the workspace gives coders exact URLs in order to share their results with others. Users will also be able to separate coding pieces to see the differences between various languages. For example, it may be that an ASP programmer could search for “ASP content management system”.