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Michael Vanston has been the owner of h2u corporation since 1998, originally with the very successful web site l2u which unfortunately folded in 2004 due to hosting company disputes. Michael however, has continued with further ideas to help the samll business or individual to promote their web sites on the net for FREE, and unlike many other similar services, Michael’s programs really do work, and have turned many poorer businesses into profitable ones with no outlay what-so-ever. Also, the methods are very simple. You post a text ad which is included onto a network of websites, they rotate at random, and gain a very high percentage of click-thrus, and there is no cost involved. Because Michael owns a large and very popular network of web sites, they get thousands of visitors daily, and with the introduction of the h2u toolbar, which displays web sites on thousands of peoples desktops whilst they are surfing the internet, the click-thru ratio has increased a further 38.9%. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE LINK AT END OF THIS ARTICLE When they first started doing business on the Net (1996), they discovered there were very few web sites providing advertising services for the Net entrepreneur. When they launched their own advertising services 2 years later the Internet marketing industry had already experienced an amazing growth in the number of sites providing advertising services. Now today you don’t need to search very far to find a web site that provides an advertising service. The reason for this huge growth in advertising sites is obvious: there is a market for it! Every day new entrepreneurs are entering the Net looking for ways to promote their web sites or affiliate or network marketing sites and these advertising services (H2u included) provide them with much needed exposure.

H2u’s own growth is based upon the strength of viral marketing. Every member that joins H2u is encouraged to promote their service to earn advertising credits for their advert. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE LINK AT END OF THIS ARTICLE