Internet Marketing Promotion Advertising – Imagination

Given my present understanding of my ubiquitous lack of understanding of the world in general, I can’t help but smile just a bit when I think about my beliefs when I was around 15 years old.

I was in 10th grade at the time and good god did I ever have it all figured out. On a pretty consistent basis I would use words like “ignorance, short sighted and unaware” when talking to my mother; and I guess probably most other people that had the misfortune of chatting with me. As you can probably guess, it turned out that I really didn’t know everything. Well, here I am a full-grown adult and, fortunately, I am much, much wiser; I currently know that I don’t know anything. And, if I ever start to forget that, I am thankfully reminded on a consistent basis how little I really know. This just happened about 10 minutes ago, in fact. I thought that I had the internet marketing and advertising thing pegged. I was thinking about all those annoying pop ups and all the other advertising that frustrates me; on the up side this irritating new field of advertising has given rise to an unprecedented number of new jobs, for the people that are able to create all the software that shields the rest of us from the internet advertising.

So, anyways I had my mind made up that people could be divided up into two camps—the good and the bad. But, much like the Haitian Revolution, things have much more complexity than just black and white (haha, I just threw that in there to pretend like I did know something…I had to read a book for school).

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

I sort of saw the internet marketers as a group that found their financial success wherever it happened to be and without consideration as to what was necessary in order to achieve it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re killing puppies or anything. But, I do think that there’s a certain pride that can come from contributing something positive to the greater community and those that choose to directly and consciously work in means that are in direct conflict with that aren’t on the good side. But, I just was informed about alittle thing that’s throwing a wrench in my good vs. evil dissection of the world. It’s the business that does networking for the internet advertisers and marketers. Now, it seems like the companies that are behind all the banner ads and the like are on the short end of the stick from these internet advertisers for the internet advertisers, the victim of uncouth internet practices.

This changes everything for me.

I’m not simply talking about internet advertising, but the mulit-layered complexities that is a spider web of friends and foes and who is crossing who and back stabbing who, while helping who else. Hmm, I have a lot to think about, but for sure I understand that I definitely don’t know anything.