Every Internet Marketer should have a KISS Website

The title of this article may prompt you to think that you should have a website based off the rock band “KISS”. No, “KISS” in this case refers to the old marketing adage “Keep It Simple Stupid”. It is critical to keep this marketing strategy in mind when you are creating your website. How can you use the KISS method when creating your website? Employ the following technical and marketing strategies and you will have a KISS certified website.

These strategies can apply to any Internet business. In addition, it doesn’t matter what your educational background is because everyone can utilize these techniques. Your KISS strategy should encompass the following three types of websites: Branding site, Sales Letter site, and Power Squeeze Site. We will discuss each site in further detail. Site #1 – Branding Site: The purpose of your Branding site is to brand your company, products, and/or services. This page needs to be basic so keep the number of options to a minimum. Remember, a confused mind never buys. A potential customer will leave your site in the blink of an eye if they are overwhelmed by the number of options. It is also important to note that only 1% of your customers will come from the subscription box on your branding site. Also, only 1% of your customers will come from the product page here. Therefore, the main purpose of the branding site is to create your brand. Site #2 – Sales Letter Site: The purpose of your Sales Letter site is to get the customer to purchase your product or service. Your Sales Letter site will contain your sales letter. You don’t want customers to leave this page because once they leave the page the chances of creating a sales conversion dramatically decrease. Therefore, don’t put in options that allow people to leave your Sales Letter site. Site #3 – Power Squeeze Site: The purpose of the Power Squeeze site is to capture personal information from your customer. The only information you need to capture on your Power Squeeze site includes: first name, last name, and primary email address. This will allow you to start a relationship with each customer. You can always capture more personal information later. It is also helpful to tell customers exactly what you want them to do on this page. In other words, you want them to sign up for you customer list, so have text that says “Just sign up here…” This direction will increase sales conversions. Your Power Squeeze site is your most valuable site. You may need to tweak it often. Take great care when creating these three sites. These sites are the key to attracting and retaining valuable customers that purchase your products and services.