How blogging can help your Search Engine Marketing

It is hardly believable when someone says they have not heard of blogging now-a-days. The continued rise of blogging and its importance in search engine marketing has been further reinforced by Google’s acquisition of a major blog tool. Google being the mother of all search engines, this step certainly proves a point in the direction the blogs are going. Does it mean that Google is going to offer blog specific searches like Feedster and RSS? These blog search engines accept content by receiving RSS feeds and not by spidering or crawling. Both these searches are powered by RSS engine. RSS feed is a mechanism that helps webmasters to relay information about new articles or content posted.

Bloggers who use blogging tools like Blogger Pro or Moveable Type automatically create RSS feeds for their sites, the reason why RSS search engines have turned out more as blogging search engines. Any website can relay or distribute content through RSS which makes RSS search engines more than blog search engines.

Conversely all blogs may not use RSS, so RSS search engines area subset of the blogging community as well as the weblog community.

Search engine marketing can benefit widely by use of RSS for the website under question. Being a part of the weblog makes a site a part of the search engine, but by activating the RSS feeds, it can make use of blog search capabilities, which will help in its rankings. This two pronged approach can make the website a part of the search engine indices as well as RSS indices, making it more specifically targeted to audience or visitors belonging to the niche. A unmentioned fact remains that Bloggers are a very niche community class of visitors depending upon specific requirements and specific needs, so a website doing RSS feeds has more chances to targeted hits through RSS than through search engines. Of course, the whole process is again effective only when the search engine optimization process has been undertaken with due care and usage of specific niche keywords has been taken care of. ============================================== Copyright © 2006-2007 Jahn A. All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article provided that the copyright and this resource box and all the links in it must be included. Jahn A. is a Licensed eCommerce Consultant and a an Internet Marketer by profession and he has an MBA Degree in Marketing and Strategic Mgt and also a GDip in I.

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