The Fault Line In Paid Surveys

We’ve all seen the PPC advertisements or the banner ads – GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS. What’s not to love about the idea of telling someone your opinion and getting paid for it? It’s sort of like talk radio and you get to be the host. Say what you want and be rewarded for it? When was the last time that happened? The truth of most matters falls somewhere between the overblown hype and the worst story you’ve heard. You CAN earn money by taking surveys. After all, the individuals looking for survey participants need warm bodies to fill out the surveys so, if they can handle the process online it saves time and money for their company. Many people will fill out the profile and then wait for an incoming survey that will help them manage a few extra purchases for their family, but the surveys don’t seem to be coming in. The profile is checked and it seems to be in order, so why aren’t the survey offers being dropped like pennies from heaven? The answer may be as simple as not fitting the profile the company is looking for. For example let’s say the survey company is looking for a female in her thirties, middle income, and Latino. On your survey you might be listed as a male in his late forties, middle income and African American.

You don’t fit the profile they have put together for their survey needs so the paid survey does not come to you. The truth is in the middle. Yes, there are paid surveys and yes some people are making money, but there are also many who have never been offered the opportunity to fill out a paid survey. What may be most frustrating for many would be paid survey users is the variety of sites that will provide information on paid survey companies for a fee. You do NOT have to (nor should you) pay anyone for information on paid surveys. A company that wants to charge you should be avoided. Virtually every paid survey company has their information online and without fee. Essentially all you get for a membership in a site that provides details on paid surveys is a little extra convenience. These companies may the listing all in one place so it has the benefit of saving some time, but once again these sites are not needed if you choose to look for paid surveys to fill out. Do some research on your own. You will likely find survey sites that may be especially appealing and others that are not. Keep your profile current and then go do something else. I’m serious. Don’t spend your time checking and rechecking to see if you have a survey to fill out. This mentality only robs you of time you could be spending on other personal or professional pursuits. Paid surveys may come your direction, but continue to live life as if they aren’t. That way there can be genuine surprise when something finds its way to your inbox.