Use Procedures To Grow Your Business

Are you using procedures in your business? If not, you need to get to work. But first, let me make sure your understanding of a procedure is the same as mine. A procedure should always be written down in recorded some way or another. On paper, or in a video, as long as it exists somewhere besides in your head. It should be in a step-by-step like guide so it can be accomplished by anyone whether that be your employees or the future owner of your company. If you don’t think that your business can run on procedures or making procedures is a waste of time, think again. Any task you do on your business can be made very easily into a procedure.

Even writing a press release, article, or e-mailing a client needs to be turned into a procedure. Not only is turning that task into a procedure beneficial to others, if you continue to follow the same procedure in your business, you’ll gradually notice everything getting a little bit easier. One benefit to following your own procedures is that you won’t accidentally forget an important step. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to have a better look at each step you are doing, and you might even be able to weed out any unnecessary steps and eliminate wasted time. Do yourself a favor and train yourself to spot areas where time is leaking. If the fax takes too long, maybe step X should require an e-mail? Improving and making modification to procedures is just as important as having them. Once they are the structure of your business, changing the procedures is making a change to your business. Here’s an example of a process I’ve used in my business: 1. Record video product 2. Purchase domain 3. Purchase hosting 4. Upload product to website 5. Write sales page 6. Set up payment processor I made some changes to get reduce time, and not effect sales: 1. Make video recording 2. Add video to CD 3. Add video to the disk manufacturing service 4. Provide product link to possible customers Those procedures are for two different types of products in my business. The first is for downloadable products, the second is for physical products. I learned that if I eliminated the first procedure, using only the second, I saved X amount of time (a lot of time) and made sure it didn’t have a negative impact on my sales (It didn’t). Most of the top businesses in the world are run using procedures. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a major business that doesn’t use them. So, it’s now time for you to get started! Imagine if you sell you business down the road. Do you think you’ll get a better offer if you have a nice binder full of every single procedure that your business runs on? Of course you would! Make a few procedures for your business.

Train your workers and team to follow them. Better yet, have them brainstorm ways for improving those procedures. Down the road when your business is automated with procedures, you can take a hike from your business for a while.