Pick Yourself A Guru

Homer Farey What is a Guru? A guru is just another name for a teacher, a mentor. On the internet, a guru is recognised as someone who has lots of experience and has made the grade. He/She has set up a business that is financially successful and is willing to pass on their knowledge to other, less experienced web users. Are you a Guru? If not, please read on. The majority of internet Gurus are only too happy to teach. Therefore, becoming a Guru in the true sense of the word. Pick yourself a Guru. There are at least a dozen who not only publish a newsletter with articles showing some of the tricks of their trade but have also published books showing in detail the best ways of running a business.

Learn from the real experts. There are hundreds of people out there who purport to be experts in e-commerce. Most of them have just read a few books on the subject and in turn composed their own book comprised of second hand information. You may well ask ‘What’s wrong with that? It’s the same information written in a different style.’ I consider it to be cheating, even if it is within the law. The problem is a mixture of different techniques can cause confusion and fail completely in it’s purpose. I’m not a guru. I am not making thousands of pounds every month. I make as much as I need and take the rest of the week off. You may well ask ‘In that case, why should I take any notice of you?’ That is a very good question. It’s only fair that I try to answer it. I have been on the internet for over seven years. Three years ago I decided to start my own business selling information products on-line. I had no idea as to how I was going to do it but I made the descision. I read a lot of books on the subject. I tried this way and that. Every author seemed to have his/her own method of doing things. Each one believed that their way was the only way to attain success. The point was that each way worked for that particular individual. This was most confusing. I spent a lot of time and money going one way, only to be side tracked into a different direction by another well meaning expert using an entirely different method. I was about to give up the whole idea and save what money that I had left when a phrase in one book took my attention. It went like this. “There are as many right ways of setting up a business on the internet as there are wrong ways. You can mix up lots of different wrong ways and still get it wrong. On the other hand, if you mix up a number of different right ways of doing it you are likely to have found yet another way of doing it wrong. In other words. A mixture of different techniques can cause confusion and completely fail in its purpose. It was patently obvious what I was doing wrong. I am sure you can see the point that I am trying to make.

There are a number of right ways. There are probably a number of other right ways that have not been discovered yet. Human nature being what it is, it’s probably easier to find a wrong way than a right one. Make your choice. Each Guru has a successful way of starting and running a business on-line. Pick just one Guru and study his/her system. Don’t be sidetracked. Study your chosen system. Your Guru made it work. You can make it work for you. Who are these Gurus? I could give you a list. It would be subjective in as much as they may not be the ones that another person would choose. The one that I chose may not suit your temperament. It’s up to you to make the choice. There are at least a dozen well known figures who are making at least a six figure income who started from scratch with little money but a lot of determination . They made it. So can you. Don’t even think of giving up. You can do whatever you believe you can do. Until you try you have no ides of your potential. Get in there. Give it a go. Homer