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Why Can’t We Ever Get Bonus Time?

When that subject was introduced, the entire auditorium started yelling, «Yeah, why can’t we ever get bonus time?» At that point one gentleman stood up and said, «I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been there on bonus time fourteen times in the last six months.» I became concerned that we might have a […]

Bulk Email and Selecting the Correct ISP for You

It may not meet the eye as being obvious but there is a lot more to consider in making this selection than one might think. It does not matter if you do everything by the book when it comes to complying with the Can-Spam act of 2003. Even if you create an opt-in offer as […]

Do You What Is The Percentage Of People Using Adwords Profitably?

#1 Create a list with all possible keywords that fit to your product, service or whatever you are promoting. The more words you come up with, the more chances you get of finding the niche keyword which brings me to point 2 #2 Niche Keywords. Drill down deep into the word, expand on it. For […]

Search Engines and Small Markets

If your business is focused on a very particular, small market, you are going to love search engines. The more focused you are, the easier it is to win on the engines. Search Engines and Small Markets Once you have identified a small market and built a site, you need to start thinking about Internet […]

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