Do You What Is The Percentage Of People Using Adwords Profitably?

#1 Create a list with all possible keywords that fit to your product, service or whatever you are promoting. The more words you come up with, the more chances you get of finding the niche keyword which brings me to point 2 #2 Niche Keywords.

Drill down deep into the word, expand on it.

For example, if you are promoting affiliate products related to mothballs. Instead of just mothballs you can use mothballs for sale, mothballs for sale in uk, motballs , discount mothball etc… The possibilities are quite huge. Use a combination of misspellings, adjectives and country locations. #3 Make use of excluding keywords. If you are promoting a particular product – say an ebook on making mothballs and it is sold for $100 dollars.

You bided on the keyword “blue mothballs”.

People searching for the term free blue mothballs would see your ad thus making it clickable and lowering its CTR. If you add a ‘-free’ it would eliminate unwanted advertising costs. #4 I usually choose NOT to advertise on content opting purely for search as they are more targeted and is of higher quality. BUT if I am targeting a highly competitive area where ads are like $0.80 per click, I would turn on advertising for content while disabling adwords for searching(lowering bid price). I would have total control over costs while having traffic extremely cheap.

Marketing your web site – Part 3 – Using Email, e-books, letterhead and magazines

Using Email to market your web site This is a very touchy subject. One that needs to be addressed and that you need to understand. Email marketing falls into three categories. First is simple, you place a signature line in your email program that automatically adds your signature block to each out going email. This signature line identifies your web site and a brief tag line or catch phase. Every time you respond or send an email, your signature advertises your business. No problems with that. However, the next two types of email marketing are very touchy. By now, everyone has heard of SPAM. Your definition may be different from mine and from the governments. However, you look at it, SPAM is unwanted email. Now email marketing requires that we send emails to our potential customers. This can be done either with or without their permission. Sending email without the permission of the recipient put us in a bad light. Often resulting is negative feelings and responses from the recipient. This is bad for business. If you piss off the potential customer, well…. they are no longer a potential customer as they have deleted you email and won’t be visiting your site. You have wasted valuable time and money. So, the only people you will be sending any marketing emails to will be those that have requested information from you or have agreed to receive information from you. This is called permission based email. Where can you find people who are willing to receive your emails? First provide a place on your web site to gather the names and addresses of your visitors. Offer them something in exchange, such as a free publication, or your newsletter, or something else of potential value to them. Let them know when they sign up that you will from time to time be sending them information. Include in the email a means to unsubscribe at any time. As people sign up you are building your email list which you can market to as often as you like. I wouldn’t recommend more than twice a month. There are other web sites that maintain a list of people who want to hear from your.

This permission based method is usually based on a particular subject matter. Such as hobbies, business ideas, child care etc. You can find them on the web by searching for mailing list. Emails are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers. If you have a brick and motor store, try to get the email addresses of your current customers and add them to the list as well. You will be surprised at how much extra business can come from a personalize email about a special you are offering for their support over the last year etc. Using E-books to market your web site What can your own E-zine or E-book do for your business or web site? How about: Sell more products or services. An e-zine/e-book can increase your credibility, making it easier to sell your product or service as well as those of others in which you have a stake. Attract more affiliates to help sell your products or services. This form of advertising is viral in it approach. E-zines and e-books get passed from person to person. Creating more interest which makes people want to jump on board and become part of that success. Establish yourself as an expert in your field, creating more ‘believability’ and trust. People don’t buy from strangers. With you e-zine or e-book you become better known to them. When the time comes they need or want your products or services, there’s no question who they’ll buy them from — YOU! Show your visitors and clients everything you can really do for them, maximizing your sales efforts. Build a base of customers who are ready to hire you, buy from you, evangelize for you and create more fans for you. Effortlessly spread the word about your business via «viral marketing.» Create new revenue streams from selling ad space and recommending other products that you’re an affiliate of. See our affiliate page for more information.

Become a recognized publisher. Have others writing your articles, advertisers paying for exposure in your publication. Here is an IMPORTANT point, capture the email addresses of your Web site visitors, gaining permission to market to them over and over again and multiple chances closing the sale. Not to mention the sales of other products or services. Keep in touch with all of your customers, prospects, and associates — on a regular basis. Simple tips for creating e-zines and e-books Package your knowledge on a regular basis into tips and articles that can be reprinted in other publications for tons of additional exposure and traffic. There are thousands of ebooks and e-zines in publication today. Most are specialized in a particular segment of the web or interest. When you find an ebook/ezine that reaches the people that may be interested in your product or service. Contact them to see if they take outside articles. If they do, send them an article or two that you may have written. Include information on your business and its web site If they publish your article, your name and web site will be listed. This is a great way of getting free advertising and traffic to your site. Another way to get articles for your e-books is to find someone to write them for you.

Much like the process above but in this case you are the one publishing the material.

Use your web site, chat rooms, forums etc to advertise for articles. Save thousands of dollars printing and postage by producing your newsletter online instead of printing it. Adobe Writer is a good program for your e-books and any email program can be used for e-zines. We have several resources in our download area on ebook. One of the better programs for creating ebooks is Deadeasy although not free it makes a great tool for creating ebooks. If you would like more information on Deadeasy, click here. Using Letterhead to market your web site Every business uses paper to correspond with its customers, vendors and other businesses. Many small businesses and home based businesses today use the computer a and a word processor to generate this correspondence whether it be printed or electronic we all do. So how can we use this correspondence to market our business? Simple, create a letterhead template and make it your default document when ever you create a business related correspondence. In your letterhead template make sure you have your website address and you company slogan (if you have one) prominently displayed. I have even seem some letterhead lately that simply has the website address listed and no physical address as many companies are Internet based or figure that you will have access to the Internet and can visit their site to look up the street address if needed.

This is actually a clever move, in that it get you to visit the site, which is what our marketing is trying to do to begin with. Using Magazines to market your web site Those articles that you wrote or had written for your business can also be sent to magazine and newspapers for publication. Each one that is printed is free advertisement for your business that last for years. Just think how many issues are passed around from person to person before they end up in the trash. I saw several magazines at the Laundromat that were from 1996-1998 that people were still reading. You can do a search on the web for publications in your area of expertise. Visit their web sites and find the editors email address. Be sure to find out the policy for submitting an article for publication and follow it. Some editors don’t like it when the mail box is full of unsolicited articles that do not conform to their policies and will just trash the email instead of replying to you.

Search Engines and Small Markets

If your business is focused on a very particular, small market, you are going to love search engines.

The more focused you are, the easier it is to win on the engines. Search Engines and Small Markets Once you have identified a small market and built a site, you need to start thinking about Internet marketing. Search engines present the best marketing platform on a dollar for dollar basis. There are two specific ways to go about the process. Pay-per-click advertising on search engines is a great way to immediately reach your target audience. Google Adwords and Overture represent the two best ppc platforms. Place ads using these two platforms and the ads will appear on the search results for Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and a host of other search engines. The second platform for getting in front of your market on the search engines is search engine optimization, better known as seo. The goal in seo is to identify the keyword phrases your prospects are using to find things. You then try to get your site ranked in the top three or four positions when the relevant search engines return results for any of the searches. The upside of seo is you don’t pay for advertising and rankings tend to stay high once you achieve them. The downside is it can take a couple of months before you appear high in MSN rankings and up to a year or longer on Google. Regardless of the approach you take on the search engines, your focus on a small market gives you a huge advantage. By focusing on a lucrative, defined area of the Internet, you have limited the number of competitors you must take on. It is far easier and cheaper to market to “San Diego Mortgage Loans” than going after “Mortgage Loans.” The first phrase has a limited number of competitors while the second phrase is contested by huge sites with lots of advertising dollars. To this end, make sure you stick to your area when pursuing your marketing. If you offer services in a location, only advertise for keywords incorporating that location. Having a person three states over call you is just a waste of time. Advertising for small, defined markets on the search engines is inexpensive compared to general markets.

It is also easier and quicker to get seo listings.

Who Is Brighton Jewelry?

Brighton is recognized for designing goods with a message. Many of its products’ collection have a defining feature that gives them special meaning. Whether it is love notes engraved in jewelries like pendants, rings and bracelets or a photo incorporated to a handbag. Brighton helps to create lasting memories. The company was established in 1991 and has started out with just a single belt collection.

Through the years, Brighton became an accessory company. In 1993, accessories like handbags were added to their product lines and then came the jewelries, the watches, fragrance line, small leather goods, home accessories, eyewear and the latest for now is luggage. Brighton features products that coordinate from head-to-toe. Matching accessories of jewelry, lipstick, sunglasses, wallet, handbags and even footwear are just some of Brighton’s merchandise. Virtually creating a complete coordinating collection composed of multiple accessories. Its philosophy, the “Brighton Difference” says that the difference is in the details. Their house designers draw each creation by hand and then supervise the product’s concept to fruition. Brighton still keeps the traditional process of making things from the Renaissance era. Brighton’s design team goes to travel and seek inspiration for their products and their ornamentation. It is also working with a host of artisans whose main jobs are to capture and bring to life all the detail of the designer’s original sketch. Brighton leather accessories are mostly made of fine Italian leather. Manufacturing leather accessories can take up to 140 individual manufacturing steps using 40 different parts at the most. “Brightonians” are terms used to denote people collecting Brighton’s leather accessories. The company’s products are distributed and sold through a network of more than 6,000 specialty stores nationwide most of them are family-owned, and has 100 Brighton Collectible stores across the globe. Brighton hosts seminars for their specialty retailers aimed to inspire, motivate and educate them. Events such as Brighton Week, Brighton Across America and Brighton on the Road are all focused at helping storeowners and their employs to improve marketing and their success. Brighton has been known for it heart logo.

The company’s numerous products like handbags always have a dangling silver heart and jewelries and accessories are adorned with them, too. Brightoncs marketing strategy, which they call ‘Girlfriend Marketing’, is one of the ingredients of the company’s success. Girlfriend Marketing involves selling in small stores managed by nice people. These are stores wherein they know their customers by name and thus, able to make their customers feel that they are really valued. So, in return, their customer’s later on spread the news about the Brighton product they bought and so on. Brighton jewelries such as rings are made up of sterling silver. Other jewelry products and silver items are cast in zinc or solid brass and then generously dipped in pure silver. A protective layer of lacquer is added because silver is naturally predisposed to tarnish (due to oxidation) and scratch. Lacquer helps in retarding this natural occurrence. All French wires, posts and lever backs used for Brighton earrings are also sterling silver.

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