Marketing with a smile It just amazes me how many new marketers start their journey by looking for something that will make them money instead of something that will make them happy. After all is said and done, it’s not really the money that anyone is looking for but rather what the money can do for us.

To be making pockets full of cash and hating what you do would be awful. (lol, well at least not as awful as not making money and still being miserable). My point is that if it don’t feel good don’t do it and don’t expect any customers to do it either. Chances are if your doing what makes you smile and makes your day a little brighter it will have the same affect on your associates, members, subscribers, customers, grand kids, spouses, and even mother in laws. When the process of making yourself happy becomes number one priority it also becomes clear that getting what you Really want and what you Really need is what makes it happen, and then you take that process and transfer it or rather pass it on to your customers. What do you Really want? Just be creative and flexible and go and get it or go and make it happen. Then find out what your customers Really want? Are they visiting your online hardware store and clicking on drills? What is it that they Really want? A hole! So you need to be able to offer several ways of making holes. What’s going to fill those holes? where are the holes? how many holes are they going to need? Oh my goodness it’s getting fun because I see the opportunity for continuing contact and up-sales. If their making and filling holes then their building something, so why not offer them everything they need to finish their project, and that first click on a drill may turn out to be continuing orders for everything that it takes for a construction company to build homes or boats or birdhouses, or for that matter, Your Dreams. I’m not going to get into tactics and strategies to find out exactly what it is that your customers may Really want and I’m sure that if your reading this article then you will also be the type that learns how to use surveys and auto-responders and list builders in order to help you to build a loyal repeat order customer base. The main thing though, to always remember is that if your not happy then you will not be able make your customers happy. Internet marketing can be awesome at times and have you dancing on the moon but it can also turn on a dime (and it will often) and become a very humbling and discouraging experience.

Most of us, especially me and other Americans have been raised in the Now generation. We want it Now, and we want it Easy. Does it happen?, usually not and is the cause for most of the frustration that new marketers face. Understand that it Will take time and it Wont be easy, but, it can be simple. The sells techniques and basic marketing skills are time tested and will pretty much always remain the same so if you learn those and make a plan and follow your plan then it’s simple in that marketing just becomes second nature and step by step. What do I do when it just seems like I’m fighting a losing battle, like I’m butting my head against the wall, and thinking success will never happen for me? My suggestions are to fight harder, pad the walls, and use your most important tool (your mind) to trick yourself or to pretend that everything is beautiful. The human mind is a wonderful mechanism and is set up in a way that Will make whatever we want to happen, happen. One fantastic thing about your mind is that it will only entertain one emotion at a time, either positive or negative. Negative emotion, of course can only be harmful to a business but your mind will accommodateyou with all that you ask for, as in the scenario above, if you think marketing hard, then it’s hard. If you feel like butting your head against the walls, then believe me, you better pad those walls because your mind Will have you breaking out the Band-Aids eventually and negative emotion Will bring everything to a grinding halt. You have the ability to change all of that and to guide your mind in the positive direction, and it is so simple. Just take action! Any action. Action is «positive» no matter how small or how silly an action is it is always positive. Don’t believe me?, you think I’m about to get into a bunch of psychobabble?, then try this. Jump up out of your chair right now and spin around swing your arms and shake your head while shouting, (SHOUTING!) This Is The Best That I Have Felt In Days and THIS Guy Makes Me Laugh.

Just do it. Ok, now that your smiling, and I know you are because it’s impossible for your mind to accept positive and negative emotions at the same time, and like I said, Any action is positive, just apply this technique to the above scenario. Instead of saying to yourself, marketing is hard, say this is so easy because I have a step by step plan. Instead of saying, success will never happen for me, say wow, I can’t believe that this is going just as planned and I am so happy that so many people are holding my money and are just waiting for me to ask them for it. When you begin to feel down, Change it, Take Action, any action like making your bed reading an article, writing an article, pet the dog, wrestle with the dog, do Anything, just don’t stay down, don’t let anything come to a halt or to even slow down. Set a mirror next to your computer screen and reward yourself by marketing with a smile. We are what we think, say and do. I feel great, how about you?