Three Things You’ll Never Hear from Home Business Owners

There are a few things you will never hear a home business owner say. The fact they don’t utter those particular comments actually tell us a lot about why owning your home business is so incredibly attractive. Let’s look at three examples and what they show us. First, you will never hear a home business owner say, “I wish I had my old schedule back.” Although some people seem to take comfort in certainty, those who own their own businesses soon find that the flexibility and personal fulfillment that comes with being in charge of their own lives makes what some see as a form of security almost akin to a prison. They love making their own hours and deciding how to use their own time. Second, a home business owner will never say, “I wish I was more appreciated.” You’ll hear that lament from many people who slave away at nine to five jobs without recognition or reward, but those who run their own businesses receive immediate financial and personal rewards for their efforts. They are no longer concerned about being noticed or appreciated. They get to experience the direct benefits of everything they do and learn to appreciate themselves more in the process. Finally, those who operate home businesses never say, “I feel trapped.” Again, you can hear that complaint from those in the traditional workforce, but people who own and operate their own moneymakers don’t have to worry about feeling trapped in something they don’t enjoy or that doesn’t bring a sense of fulfillment or adequate pay. Instead, they always have the option to grow, transform or redirect their professional lives based on their interests and experiences. Owning your own business may not always be easy. It can require some effort and determination. However, those seem like small prices to pay for the sense of personal freedom and opportunity for financial rewards that come along with being one’s own boss instead of merely serving as an employee. The things you don’t hear from home business owners can tell you a great deal about controlling your own operation and the attendant benefits of escaping a world of employee clock-punchers! If you are considering your own home business, think about the issues upon which other home business owners are silent.

Their lack of complaints and angst on certain topics can give you some big clues about just how rewarding it can be to own your own business.