Running Internet Business Needs Internet Marketing

Business Marketing Agency – Online Marketing Ideas Great and effective way to advertise your website with free internet marketing tools is by creating a podcast.

They are huge today with the surge in need for .mp3 and audio files as they provide a way for you to reach your customer base. People love to receive audio messages on their phones, in their email, and every other device they can. You can syndicate your audio files with iTunes, RSS, and others for free. It is an audio or video file you can create advertising your website and products. This gives a more interactive approach as many people like to listen to audio files and watch videos. You can add it to your website, email them out, and add them to others websites for free.Creating a one is simple. First you need to find a website that offers the recordable tools and there are many out there. Just do a search for pod casting. You will then write the script for your pod cast. This is the message you want to get out to the listeners about your site. Make sure it reads well when someone speaks it. The pod cast for your message should read about 45-60 seconds. Be sure that you speak with personality and excitement in your voice and catch the listener’s attention. In conveying your message, if the voice isn’t unique and the message is dull and boring, listeners won’t even listen to the message but close it out right away. Pod casting is a fun and creative advertising tool that is free for your website. You can find many places on line to download the recording tools to help you create the file. You can post your pod cast in many places online and generate more traffic to your website with pod casting.