Some Hard Hitting Sales Questions You Need To Ask Yourself If You’re In Sales

Some hard hitting sales questions you need to ask yourself if you’re in sales.

Here are some hard hitting, soul searching questions to ask yourself if you’re in sales. Either as a sales manager or sales person. You can add to it by asking would you do next year what you did this last year? Will you be happy with that? Would you hire your current sales team? Are they good enough? Would you hire your next start based on what your last one did? Was that a success? Will you look for business in the same places next year as you did this year? Did you write enough business? Will you train yourself for more sales next year or just do the same things as last year? – not clever. Do you have an outstanding sales training source? If these questions are too hard or if you cannot answer them easily then you really need to have a sales and marketing health check. Tune up your sales skills and watch your earning skyrocket… not to do that is a mortal sin in my eyes. You must also make sure that anyone you entrust your sales training to has been in the trenches for a number of years, has the results to prove it and is training using current effective selling methods and not just re-hashing old sales methods that don’t belong in the marketplace anymore. Ask the hard questions now so when you need to be able to stand up to the highest scrutiny when you need to.

To get the most up to date, and FREE, comprehensive Sales and Marketing Health Check go to http://www. Here you will definitely be asked the hard sales questions that you can use to propel you to the top in selling. You need to be able to answer these tough questions and many more at the drop of a hat. Someone once told me if you can’t write the vital info about your company on a single sheet of paper in less than a minute, then you don’t have a handle on your company. The same is true if you’re a sales person and you can’t answer the tough questions.

If someone asked you about your conversion ratio you should be able to answer that in a heart beat. You should also have a handle on the amount of phone calls it takes to get an appointment. Can you honestly say you know your vital numbers like the back of your hand? I genuinely hope so. Sales mastery comes from a lot of hard work and great advice by someone who has been there and done it at the highest level. You need a coach or mentor who know what they are all about to push you so you can earn what you truly deserve. Selling is by far the best profession in the world today, it always has been and it always will be – fact. But you need to be trained to sell strategically or else just watch your earnings decline at a rate of notes that will simply embarrass yourself. Go along to the Strategic Selling Site and get your free Sales and Marketing Health Check today.

You will LOVE what you get…. William Stewart The Strategic Sales Trainer