Traffic Building And The Interstate

There was a time when roads across America were ‘paved’ with dirt. Gravel was an improvement to these roads, but often came with a washboard feel as the vehicles chattered on to their destination. Simple two lane paved roads would eventually follow and the famed Route 66 took folks on a hill strewn ride across the country. As more and more Americans traveled the demand on these roads increased giving rise to the Interstate system. These four lane systems brought relief to congested roads, but ultimately proved too shortsighted a plan.

Larger cities expanded to multiple lanes and elaborate ramp systems were required to allow a free flow of traffic in most instances. Today road crews across the United States are constantly working to expand, repair and replace the existing infrastructure. Toll roads are built to handle congestion and are used by those who don’t mind paying a little extra to avoid the frustration of traffic. How is traffic managed? A map is always a good place to start in helping you find your way, but so too are road signs and now GPS units that can guide you to your final destination. When it comes to traffic building for your website you may find the process similar to the expansion of America’s road system except, when it comes to traffic building on the Internet, you never start with a proverbial dirt road you build a super highway and wait for traffic to catch up. Initially you may find that traffic your website is slow, no one seems to be able to find their way from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ so they take the off ramp and head back home. Obviously you want them to travel as far as they can so you decide to help them. You work at map building. This process starts with solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and continues with a comprehensive site map.

The SEO strategies tell them where to exit and an easy to navigate site allows them to discover where they need to go.

Just like roadside businesses of old you may want to advertise in the ‘map’. On the Internet this is done through banner or PPC advertising. This can also help direct traffic to your destination on the information superhighway. You see, traffic is heavy and without some help in finding your location there will be a whole lot of potential customers that will pass you by going as fast as they can and miss you altogether. For some reason there are online business owners that seem to believe traffic building for their business is about simply developing a website and turning on the welcome sign. Traffic building for the web is all about building the road. Make the road so unavoidable that the buying public can’t miss it. Make the signs very clear, make sure the map includes your business address or in this case the search engines have you ranked well. Make sure the final destination (your website) is worth visiting and spending time with. Build a website – a few might accidentally find you. Build a road – the masses may wonder what’s at the end.