How I Got Over 300,000 Visitors To My Web Site In 7 Days

James Wilson One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to get people’s attention. Controversy gets people’s attention. Controversy not only gets other people’s attention, it also gets the media’s attention. The media knows that people love controversy and so they jump at the chance to cover controversial topics. A few months ago, my wife and I were at odds (friendly odds) about our children sleeping in our bedroom. I was pondering a way to turn this friendly disagreement, into a “Media Event”. As I was sitting at my desk around 8pm one evening, I did some brainstorming for a few minutes, and then it hit me! I decided to move to the roof of my house as a sign of protest against my wife for insisting that our children sleep in our bed. So, I immediately got on my computer and cranked out a press release announcing my strike, and my online petition drive.

The petition was used to collect email addresses, so I could “UPDATE” visitors on my progress. This led to over 14,000 Opt-In emails. I knew that this story had tremendous potential, because of the unusual nature of my strike. As you can imagine, my wheels were spinning a thousand miles per hour, as to the quickest way to drive people to my Husband On Strike web site. I knew the quickest way to do that was through FREE Publicity! It took me less than 20 MINUTES to write my press release. The next morning, I blasted my press release out to all the media outlets in my state. By 10am two days later, I received “THOUSANDS” of hits to my HUSBAND ON STRIKE web site, people were signing my “petition” by the thousands, because of several mentions on a local talk radio show. By the 2nd day, the site was getting 20-40,000 hits per hour, to check on the signature count and view updates on my blog. It was truly an incredible event! I had not paid ONE penny for all this FREE publicity! But it gets even better… On the 5th day after my press release was sent out, three local television news stations, CNN, MSNBC, GERALDO, DR.Phil, and hundreds of other media outlets did segments about my strike. As you can imagine, after these outlets featured my story, I had thousands and thousands more visitors coming to my site. Now, many of you are asking your-self what benefit I got out of this other than a bunch of people visiting the web site. Well, let me tell you the simple thing I did to generate thousands of dollars in product sales. I put text link ads to affiliate products and Google Adsense ads on my homepage… I knew that tens of thousands of people would continue visiting my web site homepage, to check for updates on my strike.

This meant that every person who visited the web site, got to see my text link affiliate product ads along with the Google adsense ads. I was getting “thousands” of click thru’s to my ads, without spending ONE CENT on advertising. I sold thousands of dollars in products and my Google adsense income was in the many thousands of dollars. Best of all, it cost me NOTHING! This is the power of FREE publicity, and seeing opportunities that NO ONE else sees! The Message I’m Trying To Convey: Think OUTSIDE THE BOX Even if you only get 50 visitors per day through FREE publicity, that’s 50 visitors that didn’t cost you one red cent!