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Top 10 Viral Marketing Mistakes

1. Failing to understand how to make a marketing piece “viral”Often people create what they call a viral marketing piece when it is nothing more than a brochure and an advertisement. It is way too self serving. It has no possibility of creating buzz. While there is no guaranteed formula for creating a viral marketing […]

Social Media And Parental Guidance

Social media has significant potential for marketing, but it can also be used as a means of keeping tabs on your extended family members. Today families are linking together in social media for the purpose of keeping in touch with a cyber focal point. The results are an unusual bit of family connection in an […]

Making Money With Blogspot

Blogspot, known more commonly as Blogger, is a free platform that allows users to create and host their own blogs. It has become quite popular because the service is so easy and inexpensive. But as fun as blogging is, wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could earn money from the readers that visit […]

Video Streaming And Hollywood Studios

What did the writer’s strike in 2007 mean? Were the writers just hungry for additional capital for their skills? Certainly there are some that think so, but the primary reason for the walk out had to do with an understanding that video streaming on the Internet caused a wrinkle in their contract. In most cases […]

Learn the Top 5 Strategies and Cool Tools You Need to Know About to Start Your Online Business

John Navata #1: Depend on the tried and tested essentials of Internet marketing These key strategies for marketing your business online have always been effective, but are now much easier to apply. Things like… Designing a web site that sells: As in the early days of the ‘Net, your web site needs to have clear […]

Work at Home Online with your Silent Money Making Machine

Harrold Swalve Some people claim that it is almost impossible these days to make lots of money when you work at home. They say that there are all sorts of scams online, but no decent job to actually make a bit of extra income, or even better, a full time income which will make you […]

Internet Lead Generation For Insurance Agents

Brian Maroevich Insurance agents have two sources of leads when it comes to Internet lead generation. An agent can buy leads from an Internet lead generation company, or they can build a lead generation web site and create their own leads. Buying Leads It’s important to buy leads from a company that has experience generating […]

Internet Marketing – How this changed method changed my life

llbglobal Sometimes in life you just feel inspired by some unknown force that drives you to the brink of madness. That’s how I feel about Internet marketing. I have been doing this full time now for over two years and it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve learned so many cool tricks of the trade and […]

The Key to Niche Marketing is the Right Product

Mark Nenadic When you become experienced with niche marketing, you quickly learn that there is one extremely important factor that plays the most important role in determining whether your business will be successful or not. This factor is the original concept of the business itself. It begins with the product that you have selected, as […]

Video Streaming And The Imagination Consumer

There was a time when Groucho Marx said, “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Everyone laughed at the comment because television didn’t seem very applicable to the way people lived their lives – it was not portable and did […]

Tis’ The Season To Avoid Litigation: Making Sure Your Office Christmas Party Is Safe

According to recent statistics, a third of companies aren’t planning on hosting the traditional office Christmas Party this year, amidst concerns about legal action due to drunken antics and so forth. While I can safely say there are many more office safety risks during a party than the rest of the year (most offices just […]

How to create content that will get you loads of links

Did you know that there is a way that you can actually create content that will help generate plenty of relevant and valuable one way links pointed at your site? In the same way that articles can be written with the objective of getting as many readers as possible to click through the links in […]

Pop-up Windows: Are They an Effective or Annoying Internet Marketing Tactic?

In the not too distant past, pop-up windows were all the rage for marketing on the internet. Every time we opened a web page, we were bombarded with various offers of goods or services. It had gotten to the point where surfing the internet was like playing a video game—Kill the Pop-ups or Die Trying. […]

Get Your Website Noticed With 3 Easy Tweaks

Inspiration, Inc Did you know that the average person will spend less than 15 seconds reading your webpage? So much for all that perfectly-precise text where you describe absolutely everything you do in loving detail! Guess what-no one’s reading it. They’re skimming. Are you skimming now? A couple months ago I bought some website traffic […]

Link Strategies

You are a webmaster, you have spent a lot of time putting together a great website and now you want to drive traffic to it. What are your options? Short term, you will need to promote your site through advertising, traffic exchanges, traffic wholesalers and pay per click (PPC) campaigns but longer term you really […]

The eBay eBook market is dead! Are you kidding me?

John Thornhill “The eBay eBook market is dead, flooded, useless and a waste of time.” I am a little tired of reading those comments in various forums and message boards. In my opinion the eBay eBook market has never been better, that is if you know how to use eBay to your advantage. You may/may […]


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