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The Forum Lifecycle And Those Who Monitor Them

Online forums thrive on the idea of a free exchange of thought. If your business provides a forum you are making it possible for people around the globe to share their ideas and perspectives. Because a single perspective may be at odds with another divergent idea the employment of one or more moderators is vital. […]

Successful Marketing for Introverts

Marketing On The Playground (TM) In my experience I have seen many levels of introvert and extrovert. Let me share some of my own. — Invite me to a party — I’d rather have a root canal — Have me speak about something I’m passionate about in front of a group of people — I […]

Can Animals Really Teach Us Marketing? YES!

Marketing On The Playground (TM) Do you ever watch animal programs on TV? There’s one in particular I watch on Sunday mornings. I always learn so many things but this last week was different. The animals made such a connection with how we market. The show was focused around Pets Ahoy! at SeaWorld in Orlando, […]

Quick And Easy Way To Make Money Fast

Alberto Martinez We are living in a world that is mainly loaded with money. One of the problems is making it. Many of us do not know how to turn a buck. Certain, we all understand the concept of going out and searching for a job, or tackling a four year term at a University […]

The Fly The Window Of Opportunity One afternoon after going through a small backlog of emails, I was daydreaming about how it shouldn’t be tough for absolutely anyone out there to make that first online sale and then to go on and make more and more sales. I feel bad for people that have paid money for some of the […]

Deep Thoughts On Internet Promotion

I have this friend Sloan. He’s a real lunatic. I’ve never met anyone who could pole dance without a pole. But when he’s not shaming himself and his entire family tree he is truly the smartest person I know. Perhaps to you that seems as if I might not be saying much. But, don’t take […]

How I Got Over 300,000 Visitors To My Web Site In 7 Days

James Wilson One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to get people’s attention. Controversy gets people’s attention. Controversy not only gets other people’s attention, it also gets the media’s attention. The media knows that people love controversy and so they jump at the chance to cover controversial topics. A few months ago, […]

Does Your Target Market SEE You? Turn up the Wattage

Marketing On The Playground (TM) One day I discovered that I was doing everything right. Why weren’t the clients coming? Metaphorically speaking I was operating at a 25-Watt bulb. What is your wattage? Your future clients can’t see you sitting at your desk. If you’re marketing with a 25-watt bulb your prospective clients may see […]

19 Viral Marketing Techniques

With the onslaught of marketing campaigns geared towards Internet users, viral marketing has paved the way and has become one of the top methods used in advertising. The principle behind the success of viral marketing is the number of users reached through the campaign. There are several viral marketing techniques that can be applied for […]


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